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Meet key investors and maintain a dialogue with existing shareholders to maximize companies’ own value.

HEAR-ir ensures you meet with key decision-makers who understand your company in the right way.

Who Are The Right Investors?

Make sure that you (or your provider) has targeted the right investor – this is what you hear since day, long time before your company get listed. Fine, but who are your investors, or shall we say, who are your potential investors? Of course, those who are interested in your stock as they are familiar with the sector, with your peers and, ultimately, can invest in your region.

Easy to say!

It’s never easy to find them, but what we often see is that investors are usually tempted to move if they follow a specific sector, a region, or a specific size of companies – large caps, startups, S/M caps, .. very useful opportunities in this sense are network events, pitch competitions, private banking meetings, conferences, events, roadshows and reverse roadshows.

Investors targeting

Investors targeting is one of most important among brokers and corporate access providers’ services: to seek your potential investors with accuracy becomes more and more a key success factor of the IR strategy.  Employing a strategic and targeted approach to identifying and meeting with compatible investors is a best practice and can have a significant impact on your company’s valuation in both the short- and longterm.

Roadshows provide a remarkable opportunity

Another point, don’t forget Roadshows! Roadshows are always a remarkable marketing tool to attract investors. As such, they are one of the most important steps by a company planning to issue securities through an IPO and, afterwards, along its new life as a listed company.

Companies need to impress institutional investors so that at least a few of them are willing to invest. Some large investors (but also small investors including hedge funds) will not put money in a company without having the opportunity to meet with senior management. We are convinced roadshows provide that opportunity.

It is during the meetings that an investor can get all of their questions answered, and while you can do that in email, people also look for non-verbal cues – do they trust this person?