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In the corporate communications field, we address particularly critical and demanding audiences. Our network of advisors has strong experience in Italy and in the international markets and businesses, as well as extensive experience in communications.

We offer consultancy services both in executive and internal communications. At executive level, we all know that communication plays an important role, as the goals and direction of a business must be clearly communicated to have employees join the journey and road to success.

In terms of internal communications, we address employees to understand the pillars of the company where they work. This becomes extremely relevant especially when or if an organization faces times of crisis, or if a business is facing major changes (such as a merger or reorganization). Our team can assist in the development of an effective framework for internal communications, including situational analysis, defining a business’ goals, vision and mission, and developing executive presentations.

Reputational management and analysis

While it takes a long time to build a strong reputation, it takes no time to tear it down. Building a reputation is more than just marketing and sales. Strategic communications is essential to build trust and respect. We offer reputational analysis and guidance on the best strategic positioning for corporations and organizations.

Media and IR meetings training

At HEAR-ir we are experienced media and IR trainers, having spent time in front of the microphone or by working closely with business leaders on a number of communication issues. We tailor each media training session to best reflect participants’ every day work life, and to practice as realistic scenarios and challenges as possible.

Today’s media landscape is constantly developing. An increased number of outlets and platforms, increases the demand for faster and more effective responses. In our media training sessions, we address these challenges. We also offer strategic and finance communication advice and can assist in developing clear messaging around particularly complex issues.