Services and Counselling


the advisor for growth, value creation, and corporate reputation

Comprehensive financial communication support

We address the highly specialised Investor Relations market. We help companies understand and extrapolate their true potential by creating the best communication strategies to increase share visibility, while selecting the best potential investors

HEAR-ir is a Financial Communication Advisor (or “Counsellor”) in both primary and secondary market transactions (IPO, OPA, OPS), capital increases and M&A activities

HEAR-ir works with its clients to seek out key investors and maintain an ongoing dialogue with existing shareholders in order to maximise corporate value

With significant experience and know-how in guiding clients through difficult times of crisis or market uncertainties, we are able to offer specific advice aimed at recovery – where appropriate – or at improving corporate reputation

HEAR-ir supports its clients in managing their complex relationships with all their stakeholders, thus contributing to the optimisation of the quality of strategic decisions, both at corporate and business level