In the field of Corporate Communication we address a rather demanding audience and we can offer services in bothExecutive and Internal Communication. At the Executive level, we work side by side with the client in the conviction that both the goals and the business model must be clearly expressed, also in order to direct the entire organisation towards achieving business success.
At the level of Internal Communication, we primarily address employees, with the intention of making them understand the foundations on which the organisation they work in is based. This becomes especially relevant when a company faces difficulties, if not outright crises (reorganisations, mergers, sales).

Management and analysis
of corporate reputation

While it takes time to build a solid and impeccable reputation, it only takes a moment to ruin it. Strategic Communication is essential to develop respect and trust. We offer ad-hoc reputation analysis services on how best to position any organisation.

and IR meetings training

At HEAR-ir we are experienced media and IR trainers, having spent time working closely with business leaders. We customise each IR and media training session to best reflect the daily working life of the participants and to make scenarios and challenges as realistic as possible. We offer advice on strategic and financial communication and can assist our clients in developing clear messages on particularly complex issues.