That every listed company has Relations at the centre of its Communication to the Market is one of the keys to success.
The targets of the financial world are demanding, first-class standards and high competence are required. That is why our work is characterised by financial skills, problem solving and professionalism.

What does IR consist of?

Investor Relations is a strategic responsibility of top management, required for listed companies, which integrates Finance, Communication, Marketing, Governance and Compliance. It contributes to the attainment and achievement of a true and fair valuation of the company and reduces uncertainty.

HEAR-ir works

with companies listed – or being listed – on the various segments of the Italian Stock Exchange, Euronext Group, (MTA, Euronext Star Milan, EGM),
with focus on the following areas:

Corporate Equity Story
Annual and quarterly results
Management of the IR function
Regulatory aspects
Meetings with investors, roadshows, etc.

Capital market days
Corporate crises
Investor targeting
Competitive intelligence
ESG factors

Winning Checklist of a Good IR Programme:


Investment Thesis

Clearly present the reasons why the company is a good investment.


Presentazione Istituzionale

Provide a simple and coherent overview of the company, highlighting its financial results, competitive scenario and medium to long-term growth strategies.



Get to know current shareholders and potential new investors better, trying to answer all their questions or concerns as best you can.



Learn to have an ongoing relationship with analysts, through a thorough understanding of the metrics used, and the aspects they focus on most (such as units sold, new shops opened, cash generation, quarter-on-quarter performance, etc.).



Draw up a list of the most relevant conferences, or events, that top management should attend.



Maintain constant communication with investors in order to demonstrate that the management team firmly intends to keep its promises.

Financial PR

At HEAR-ir we have both a deep understanding of Financial Markets and Financial Communication itself.
The mixture of the two is at its best in Financial PR, creating very effective synergies between IR and PR, especially for listed companies.
Corporate reputation can certainly improve through proactive work with the media world, based on financial aspects and information. At the same time, a winning media profile helps to increase the interest of institutional investors, whatever their category.


in the broadest sense is no longer an end in itself – it has become part of stakeholder engagement, playing a key role in facilitating the connection between the financial world and issues of sustainability, environment, governance.

The focus on long-term sustainability increases companies’ responsibility and accountability to their stakeholders. Today’s world has certainly intensified expectations on corporate governance and transparency of environmental and social performance as a whole. Many investors expect more and more companies to plan beyond the medium term, disclose their long-term strategies and report on how they manage material environmental and social risks and opportunities related to their business. This is the ‘new normal’.

High-quality ESG disclosure enables better understanding by all stakeholders. As a result, we are seeing companies putting more and more pressure on themselves to improve their corporate governance practices.

At HEAR-ir, we are constantly following the changes and updates on the subject, in order to be able to render an adequate three hundred and sixty degree service.