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7 August 2018


From LIFESTYLE BORSA ITALIANA https://www.borsaitaliana.it/notizie/food-finance/lifestyle/pmi.htm PICCOLE AZIENDE CRESCONO Le Pmi riacquistano forza dopo un periodo di crisi. Uno stato di salute testimoniato anche dalle crescenti quotazioni […]
1 August 2018

IR BLOG: How can IROs generate more long-term investing

How can IROs generate more long-term investing in a world dominated by financial markets often geared to reward short-term investing?   We are pleased to share […]
10 July 2018

IR BLOG: Who Are The Right Investors?

By Simona D’Agostino Reuter   Make sure that you (or your provider) has targeted the right investor – this is what you hear since day, long time […]
10 July 2018

Why roadshows remain a remarkable tool to attract investors

By Simona D’Agostino Reuter Roadshows are a great marketing tool to attract investors. As such, they are one of the most important steps taken by a company […]

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