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People coming into IR love it.
Whether you are inside the company or outside as the external counsellor, you have the privilege of working with top people within an organisation and seeing the business from end to end...

Whether You Are BIG or small, You Need IR…
(source: The IR Society, London)

Our approach

Investor Relations is becoming increasingly important within businesses of today.
We believe that every communication program should be unique and guided by a clear strategy that helps an organization achieve its business objectives. At the heart of our approach is our ability to work closely with clients to identify the core issues and influencers, develop compelling messages and help deliver them through the most relevant communications channels. In this way, we can succeed in helping clients engage, persuade and mobilize key stakeholders—within and outside their organizations.


We care for our clients, our partners and our communities.  


We understand the fundamental principles and practice of investor relations, and we know the main regulations concerning the structure, governance and behavior of listed companies.

At HEAR-ir we are knowledgeable with the fundamentals of both Italian, European and UK law and practice.

We are able to identify the different types of shares and shareholders as well as know the fundamentals of accounting and finance ratios, valuations methods and investment analysis – and we continuously update our skills.

We are aware of the required ethical and professional standards expected of IR practitioners, including ESG factors.

Working as an extension of client teams, we offer informed, frank and objective advice